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 (rä′stə, răs′tə)
1. A Rastafarian.
2. Rastafarianism.


n, adj
(Other Non-Christian Religions) short for Rastafarian


(ˈræs tə, ˈrɑ stə)

also Ras•ta•far•i

(-ˈfɛər i, -ˈfɑr i)

n., pl. -tas also -ta•far•is,
adj. n.
1. a Rastafarian.
2. Rastafarianism.
3. Rastafarian.
[1950–55; by shortening]
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Noun1.Rasta - follower of RastafarianismRasta - follower of Rastafarianism    
Rastafari, Rastas - (Jamaica) a Black youth subculture and religious movement that arose in the ghettos of Kingston, Jamaica, in the 1950s; males grow hair in long dreadlocks and wear woolen caps; use marijuana and listen to reggae music
adherent, disciple - someone who believes and helps to spread the doctrine of another


[ˈræstə] Rastafarian [ˌræstəˈfɛərɪən]
A. ADJrastafario
B. Nrastafario/a m/f


[ˈræstə] (=Rastafarian)
nrasta mf


nRasta m
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He said the RASTA app will prove to be a game-changer.
Sadly, Jenny was in such poor health that she died shortly after they were saved, leaving Rasta alone and unwanted in the RSpCA rescue centre.
The couple now hope to have a "little Rasta baby" and Asha has vowed "no comb is going to go on their head".
Nevertheless, the book primarily addresses the struggle that Rasta women endure as wedged between the effects of "mental slavery" best described as the psychological denial of one's natural identity and the "gender restrictions" placed on them from some sectors within the Rastafari movement.
The owner of Khadja's Hair Salon, next door to Rasta, said she was "shocked and scared" to hear reports of a gun on the street.
Rasta is one of three dogs that visit the library on Tuesday and Thursday evenings as part of the library's Book Buddies program, where young readers can practice reading to a willing listener.
He robbed a jewellers dressed as a Rasta in Mayfair in June.
23 December 2011 - Swedish real estate firm Fabege AB (STO:FABG) said today its portfolio company Rasta Holding AB sold land for the construction of a shopping mall in Solna, a suburb of Stockholm, for SEK630m.
In his sometimes poignant portraits, one can see how and why Rasta Ivey, Brother Yendis, and Prophetess, among others, maintained a strong sense of self and community, despite societal ignorance, indifference, and contempt.
Dreadlocked poet Zephaniah praised the crime-fighting rodent created by Trinidadian Rasta Michael De Souza for prompting a debate about the portrayal of black people on telly.
Rasta has a record deal with EMI, gone international, is a surprise hit with adult viewers and the most-watched CBeebies programme on the BBC's iPlayer website.