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or bit map  (bĭt′măp′)
n. Computers
A set of bits that represents a graphic image, with each bit or group of bits corresponding to a pixel in the image.
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bit′ map`

a piece of text, a drawing, etc., represented, as on a computer display, by the activation of certain dots in a rectangular matrix of dots.
bit′-mapped`, adj.
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It is said to combine vector drawing, raster graphics and the Photoshop engine into a single app that is also scheduled for release next year, as per ( Ars Technica . 
How can I raster graphics or photos for highest speed, maximum contrast and best quality?
Using a raster graphics editor (i.e., GIMP [Kimball & Mattis, 2014]), all images were resized to 600 by 600 pixels at 72 pixels per inch.
"We became the key supplier to OEMs such as 3M, Xerox and Raster Graphics," Papaiacovou said.
Raster graphics are digital images created or capture as a set of samples of a given space.
3D computer graphics rely on many of the same algorithms as 2D computer vector graphics in the wire-frame model and 2D computer raster graphics in the final rendered display.
An advantage of using vector graphics is that the file sizes are smaller as compared to raster graphics (GIF, JPG).
AGC will convert all NGA's Arc Digital Raster Graphics (ADRGs) into GeoPDFs.
Manelski has been involved with graphic arts and printing technology for more than 25 years and has worked with 3M Printing Products, Du Pont Electronic Imaging, Scitex and Raster Graphics prior to becoming president of BullDog Products.
In contrast with raster graphics programs like Photoshop, vector graphics programs like Adobe Illustrator are not organized around bitmaps but by the geometry of points, lines, and curves.