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also rat·tail (răt′tāl′)
1. See grenadier.
2. A long, thin length of hair that hangs down the nape of the neck, usually when the rest of the hair is cut short.
adj. also rat-tailed (-tāld′) or rat·tailed (-tāld′)
Shaped like or having a part shaped like a rat's tail: a rat-tail file; a rattail comb.
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Noun1.rattail - deep-sea fish with a large head and body and long tapering tail
gadoid, gadoid fish - a soft-finned fish of the family Gadidae
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Starting with freshly washed hair, create a deep side part using a rat tail comb to ensure that the part is straight.
Lastly, Inter Milan's striker Rodrigo Palacio is notorious for his unique rat tail haircut.
Mayor Joseph Evangelista said on Thursday that heads of indigent families would be tapped to further strengthen the antidengue, rat tail and antiblack bug campaigns, as well as the cleanup of waterways and dikes.
Dr Nawazish's presentation was titled Comparison of the agonist activities of treprostinil and naxaprostene in rat tail and pulmonary arteries which was keenly seen and thoroughly discussed by the renowned scientists working in the same area.
12) Further Hiroki Hamura et al 2000 also reported synergistic effect between pentazocine and morphine in rat tail immersion test.
In-vivo non-invasive study of the thermoregulatory function of the blood vessels in the rat tail using magnetic resonance angiography.
Rat Tail and Twitch Tail models are also available.
The team led by researcher Dr Eleanor Jones used human Achilles tendon cells which were seeded in rat tail collagen gels.
2008) reported nonpruritic alopecia (alopecia X) on ventral thighs (bald thigh syndrome), rat tail appearance with brittle, dry and change in coat colour and scaling of skin are the characteristic skin and coat abnormalities of thyroid malfunction in dog.
The W 1080 RT 5-inch angle grinder, also known as the Rat Tail, fits in the user's hand and features a rubberized grip that dampens vibration and increases slip resistance.
Also included in the fine art sale was an early 19th century Indian Colonial silver ewer by Lattey Brothers & Co of Calcutta which sold for pounds 2,400; a Doulton Lambeth stoneware small ewer by Hannah and Florence Barlow realised pounds 1,500, and a silver dinner service of Hanoverian rat tail pattern achieved pounds 2,100.
Used by Colt on early Commanders, the combination of a rowel hammer and rat tail safety doesn't give you the broad, recoil-spreading tail of a beavertail safety, but it certainly eliminates the painful hammer bite that's rightfully associated with most spur-hammer .