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also rat·tail (răt′tāl′)
1. See grenadier.
2. A long, thin length of hair that hangs down the nape of the neck, usually when the rest of the hair is cut short.
adj. also rat-tailed (-tāld′) or rat·tailed (-tāld′)
Shaped like or having a part shaped like a rat's tail: a rat-tail file; a rattail comb.
References in classic literature ?
You common, monkey-headed, rat-tailed, sulphur-coloured son of a door mat, do you know what I'm going to call you?
Instead, they offer an escalating strategy that graduates from claiming to have an STD, to vomiting, to, ultimately, stabbing assailants with a rat-tailed comb, with the caveat "Use of a firearm to protect yourself or property is not recommended.
Rat-tailed radish is grown for the immature crisp, fleshy fruits, consumed raw, cooked or pickled, but the roots are not edible.