Ravenna grass

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Noun1.Ravenna grass - grass often cultivated for its long white-ribbed leaves and large plumes resembling those of pampas grass
Erianthus, genus Erianthus - genus of reedlike grasses having spikes crowded in a panicle covered with long silky hairs
plume grass - a reedlike grass of the genus Erianthus having large plumes
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During a quick sampling of bees around Ismaila, numerous nesting sites were discovered for large and small carpenter bees, particularly those of the latter, which were preferentially nesting in dead stalks of Ravenna grass (Saccharum ravennae L.
Jeswiet) have been used successfully as artificial nesting substrates in India, and use of the local Ravenna grass in Pakistan seems applicable for future managed nesting operations.
Photographs of nest entrances of Ceratina(Pithitis) smaragdulain Ravenna grass stems (Saccharum ravennae) in northwestern Pakistan (photos by Hussain Ali).