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a.1.(Her.) In a half-raised position, as if about to spring on prey.
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For the first five years I worked with Shaheen, for the next five I worked with Daulat from Ravissant and for the last 23 years I have been solo.
Hero designs on display include: Arthur Court, Razzetti, Vanessa Mitrani, and Ravissant.
L'affluence accrue emanant de toutes les regions du royaume et d'ailleurs a pratiquement donne a ce rassemblement sportif et convivial, un ravissant faisceau d'eclat.
"There is no such thing as a licensed loom brand -- Rainbow Loom is the original and won the case in the US courts for the patent," said Mehul Kotecha, managing director at Ravissant General Trading, which is the sole distributor of Rainbow Loom.
Par rapport au charme ravissant des Iele et a la grande puissance de stima, Vailva--ou Valve, au pluriel--sont moins precisees.
The one animal that is exempt from this terrestrial paradise, "ce grand Loup ravissant," is singled out as the only beast that would not lament Louise: "Tous Animaux Loyse regretterent, / Exceptez Loups de maulvaise nature" (v.
com, set of 6 Timon decorative glassware, ` 12,400 Left: Ahujasons, stole, ` 1,500; Above: Ravissant, silver candelabra, ` 2,39,300 Faballey.
Ravissant unveils an extensive range of their Divinity collection which includes Idols, Puja items, boxes and frames and Religious books.
[...] La lune etait pleine de transformations, le choc d'une violence inoule, mais le resultat ravissant: A Alice Il emit pousse deux (wales de lapine et des moustaches rigides; Tom dormait encore mais ii se reveillerait mafflu velu griffu [...].