Ray point

(Geom.) the common point of a pencil of rays.

See also: Ray

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And Prof Ray points out that a clinical trial of more than 200,000 people, with a combined million years of exposure to statins between them, "categorically shows they have no effect on cancer".
If so, "that begins to suggest that there is real value both for customers and for the brand," Ray points out.
As Ray points out the Bethnal Green railway arches where his family had sheltered during earlier German bomb raids, it is easy to see why everyone was so desperate to get into the station.
"Stan Freberg and Bob & Ray pointed me in the direction that advertising could be even more creative and entertaining than radio programming," he told me in 1982.
Regarding the new US sanctions on Iran, Ray pointed that the EU-Iran joint commission is the only place to discuss the term of (JCPOA), as being responsible for overseeing the implementation of the nuclear deal.
(Also, spectral studies can determine if the rays contain highland or mare material, which also aids in identifying their source.) The Bessel ray is widely assumed to come from Tycho, about 2,000 km distant, both because the ray points toward Tycho and because it contains highland rock fragments.
Ray pointed to a number of findings in the survey that could be driving the growth in those looking to make a change.
Ray points to one traditional supermarket chain, which upon re-evaluating its private label organics pricing, realized that they were priced 20 percent higher than comparable items at Whole Foods Market.
At the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's (CFPB's) Know Before You Owe mortgage field hearing in Boston in November, CFPB Director RICHARD CORD RAY pointed out that homebuyers do tons of research to find just the right home with just the right features in just the right location, but they tend to do little research in their auest for financing.
"Even the most talented human trimmers working under ideal conditions could never cut that much plastic in a minute, particularly not with any kind of accuracy," Ray points out.
"Over 130 entries were received but we had to cut the field back to 108 players as the first 18 holes is a shot gun start," Ray pointed out.
As examples of authentic-style products, Ray points to roasted tomatillo verde salsa and mango-pineapple salsa - two of many different types of salsas his company offers, most of which are made with fire-roasted ingredients.