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abbreviation for
(Military) recruit


abbreviation for
(Military) Royal Corps of Transport


or rct,

Mil. recruit.
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Although this introduction to the special section cannot provide an in-depth discussion on RCT, included is a brief discourse on some of the approach's salient principles.
This feat was not only a first for the RCT team, but also most likely the first-ever D8R to be put on remotes.
Meta-analysis was only considered for RCTs with comparable timing of outcome assessment.
Strengthened relationships - by working with 14 partner organisations and stakeholders, RCT Homes has strengthened relationships with it's own supply chain and new business contacts ?
It is understood the move will cost RCT council PS1.
Under the Central Hudson scrutiny test (the general standard applied to commercial speech), the court evaluated whether the requirement of some RCT substantiation for disease claims "directly advances, and is not more extensive than necessary to serve, the interest in preventing misleading commercial speech.
Because intervention benefit is shown in 60% of case control studies and only 25% of RCTs--a good reason for the RCT to be the standard bearer.
The CONSORT statement and agencies involved in trial scrutiny recommend that the RCT and important features of its design should be identifiable from title and abstract of the report.
Then we studied the internal and the external validity of the RCT.
Proponents of RCTs have advocated for their use as the best means of identifying 'what works' in development, while sceptics voice strong concerns about their growing hegemony in the field.
RCT focuses on the provision of manufacturing and engineering services, plus surface and heat treatment for cubic and rotating parts.
I so objected to the RCT," Wansha said, "that I dropped out of AWSC when it was approved and didn't rejoin until the club voted to drop it.