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abbreviation for
(Military) recruit


abbreviation for
(Military) Royal Corps of Transport


or rct,

Mil. recruit.
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We have been presenting the case against these proposals since January of this year and it is expected that a specific decision to go ahead will be made at the RCT Cabinet meeting on September 11.
Simon Gale, the council's director of prosperity and development, said the panel which will oversee the SDP will have no power over planning applications in RCT but some strategic planning functions will be transferred to the panel from the council.
RCT said its Custom division developed a bespoke solution that would allow the client's operators to control the water cannon from a safe distance with all functionality available as if they were actually in the cab of the machine.
(8) In dentistry, there are reports of accurate measures of self-reported number of teeth, (1,9) use of dental prosthesis (1,10) periodontal disease, (11) orofacial pain, (12) presence of fillings, (1) and the need for RCT. (13)
The researchers identified 44 RCTs (17 double-blind, 13 single-blind, and 14 nonblind), 10 uncontrolled trials, two open-label nonrandomized controlled trials, one prospective controlled trial, and three meta-analyses.
RCT Council said that two wheelie bins will be regarded as side waste and ask residents to remove their second bin.
These findings opened the need of promising strategies for the simultaneous management of fatty infiltration, inflammation and ECM disorganization by site-specific targeting of AMPK, TREM1 and MMP9 respectively which could be an ideal approach to manage RCT. However, such multi-targeting approach is rare in the literature and raises concerns regarding the bio-availability, biostability, bio-retention and side effects of therapeutics/drugs employed.
In another large-scale multicenter RCT, the Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial (SPRINT), interventions were aimed at antihypertension and examination of the ratio of benefit to harm by different blood pressure (BP) target values.
"RCT's latest system offers relevant machine data so the customers can easily analyze it and make business decisions to deliver better bottom line profit," said Head of Product Management Dave Holman.
This feat was not only a first for the RCT team, but also most likely the first-ever D8R to be put on remotes.
Under the Central Hudson scrutiny test (the general standard applied to commercial speech), the court evaluated whether the requirement of some RCT substantiation for disease claims "directly advances, and is not more extensive than necessary to serve, the interest in preventing misleading commercial speech." Here, the court determined that some RCT substantiation was necessary for these disease claims.
RCT is a liquid transport and environmental services company with a fleet of high volume tankers that deliver over 25% of the wastewater volume accepted by PPV, Inc.'s wastewater pretreatment facility in Portland, Oregon.