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tr.v. re·an·i·mat·ed, re·an·i·mat·ing, re·an·i·mates
1. To give new life to: attempts to reanimate a dead body.
2. To reconstruct or re-create: a book that reanimates Mayan civilization.
3. To reinvigorate: reanimate a friendship.
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Adj.1.reanimated - given fresh life or vigor or spirit; "stirred by revived hopes"
animated, alive - having life or vigor or spirit; "an animated and expressive face"; "animated conversation"; "became very animated when he heard the good news"
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The proposals will create a new focal point for Digbeth with a re-animated street scene, creating high-quality apartments around south facing courtyards and elevated views back towards the city centre.
Meanwhile, in medieval England and other places in Europe during that time period, many people believed in "a re-animated corpse that arises from its grave," also known as "a revenant," according to the study.
It re-animated me and got me out of the depression.
Imagine how areas around other theatres on our Theatre Buildings at Risk Register 2015 could be re-animated if those theatres were to be fully reopened.
Why is the long-dead moa such a haunting presence at this time, an 'avian undead' heavily re-animated as statues and on road signs, beer bottles and clothing (p.
In this apocalyptic tale, the re-animated deceased return as rabid zombies, are hunted down and turned back into their pre-zombie selves, then face difficulties adjusting to society.
Genuine invention in re-animated Halloween valentine that's fun for all the family.
I reckon if you posted a photo of a re-animated T-Rex rampaging through your back garden, at least one person would point out your trampoline needs sweeping.
Expect lots of special effects, fake plastic severed hands, a re-animated mummy and a little bit of audience participation.
He even begins to wonder if having been re-animated was a mistake, as he struggles to exist with a new body, new friends, and a new life.
Indeed, it was hard not to shake the feeling that wandering around the exhibition was akin to a real estate version of The Living Dead - with projects that had been presumed dead suddenly re-animated, although not exactly enjoying the same youthful complexion as they did the first time around.
REVIVED Z Victor Frankenstein 's dog Sparky is re-animated in this charming tale