a.1.Creating anew; as, re-creative power.
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England's poets, and soon after her painters, were re-creative without being physically destructive.
The teachers Hurworth worked with at that time were unfamiliar with composing, or how to get children to undertake any activity other than re-creative music education.
And, if a nonexistent Void could have transformed in space over time to passively serve a pivotal, re-creative process, an inflationary period might have occurred--out of necessity.
In three books published over a period of eighteen years, Sharmistha Mohanty has been showing, with increasing consistency and verve, that there is more to contemporary creative writing in India than the marketable mix of magic realism, hip journalism, and re-creative nonfiction revered by most publishers and media outlets.
Re-creative should be read both as creating again and as tied to recreation, as play.
The re-creative assignment work provides a further aid to transition into English scholarship: student re-creation of medieval style forces them to note the mechanics of the language that ascribes tone, as an apprenticeship in close-reading.
Listening to music with modern technology may be an active re-creative process, which includes developing a repertory solely by ear, sharing this music with others, and conveying the social benefits and meanings of music so important to humans.
Kim Grandal, executive director of Re-Creative Resources Inc.