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giving something received as a gift to someone else; passing on unwanted gifts


tr.v. re·gift·ed, re·gift·ing, re·gifts
To give (an unwanted item received as a gift) to another person as a gift.

re·gift′er n.
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Which immediately plunged me into a state of such existential angst that I felt compelled to re-gift the chocolates to a food bank.
Choosing a present your significant other will love, or at the very least make use of (and not re-gift!), shouldn't be too difficult with a little bit of observation and maybe just a touch of careful snooping in bathroom cabinets, make-up bags and lingerie drawers (this, of course, is a lot easier if you live with the recipient).
The federal solution is Scotland's constitutional sweetspot but tasked with writing the SNP's White Paper II, the Growth Commission, poor Andrew had to opt for independence and try to re-gift it in a chocolate box with an old sell-by date.
"Mary Poppins Returns" actress Emily Blunt, who plays the beloved nanny, said her grandmother would re-gift her presents.
Swych users can instantly buy, send, re-gift, upload, "Swych" and redeem gift cards conveniently from their mobile device.
Then you can buy their presents in the January sales or consider a cheeky re-gift or two.
Chances are you're probably not going to put much thought into it and waste your money with something which will probably be go in the re-gift pile or even worse dumped.
This week, I have returned a form to say what my son would like for his school Christmas dinner, and another for a school trip, I've turned the house upside-down looking for unwanted presents to re-gift to the fayre tombola (never did find much use for that Peter Andre Live DVD), had a clear-out of old toys for the pre-loved stall, and filled an old pickle jar with Haribo Fangtastics for the much-anticipated jam jar stall (get there early, always a sell-out).
While many participants opted to effectively "re-gift" commitments they had already planned to make, others took significant new steps, and almost all fulfilled their pledges." The second summit held in Seoul, in March 2012 had further strengthened the gift approach by announcing a series of "gift baskets," or joint commitments by several states, to goals that included preventing nuclear smuggling and improving control of nuclear information.
Animals can't simply be re-gifted. An embarrassing Christmas hat from Ate Edna, a useless gadget, or a tacky tie is easy enough to return, re-gift, or forget.
I am one of the few people that love the business and all the buying but for a lot of people, Christmas is a time for stressing, arguing and trying to work out who bought you that pot pourri two years ago for your birthday so you don't accidently re-gift it back to your Auntie Sue.
Eventually Jen is able to re-gift the gifts back to Beth and to add a very precious gift of her own.