v. t.1.To mark again, or a second time; to mark anew.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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They can also re-mark one part to masquerade as a different, more-valuable component with the same package and pin count.
Besides doing the assembly of the upper and lower receiver and bolt carrier group, the team brought along a laser engraver to re-mark the setting nomenclature, he said.
Yamanaka's discovery altered the way scientists think about the processes that control activation and repression of genes: only three factors are sufficient to epigenetically "erase and re-mark" the entire genome.
Iksil, the report said, grew frustrated with Macris' efforts to "re-mark" the prices of certain securities in a swelling $80bn portfolio run by Iksil as losses began to climb, calling the tactic "idiotic".
(2010b, 7) Morton's work on textuality is at its most speculative in its adoption of Derrida's concept of the "re-mark." Just as a seemingly random, meaningless shape on a wall may suddenly be seen to form a set of letters, perhaps a message, the "re-mark" names the possibility--constitutive of meaning, signification, aboutness--that a material entity also functions as a sign, part of a network of relations to other such marks, transforming materiality into a conveyor of information.
Suspicious parents asked for a re-mark and when the error was discovered Wirral council granted the pupils their deserved grammar school places.
"Perhaps Mr Javid will demonstrate to us all that he is not arithmetically challenged and re-mark Miss Smith's examination paper on machine tax rates," William Hill boss Ralph Topping blogged this week.
In England, pupils were stuck with the grades they were given as Westminster refused to re-mark so now some reckon that a Welsh grade C is worth less than an English one.
The development came amid demands to re-mark thousands of exam papers amid fears students could miss out on college places due to the sudden drop in grades.
Remove the felt and re-mark the fur fabric V inch narrower on the sides and bottom.
"Mum and dad have paid for a re-mark and a resit at each phase of the A-level process.