v. t.1.To mark again, or a second time; to mark anew.
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The lawyer further said the petitioner was apprehensive that without a court order, the Kenya National Examinations Council will not re-mark his papers within the timelines set out, infringing on his right to education.
AN exam board will re-mark a GCSE pupil's English Language paper despite his school failing to submit it in time.
If you've missed out on the C grade, especially if it's by a narrow margin, consider applying for a re-mark or retake.
If you're a bit disappointed with your results, it's always worth having a closer look at the grade boundaries, and putting in for a re-mark if you've just missed out on a higher grade.
A re-mark could help If a grade is lower than you expected, there's always a chance it could be improved through the moderation process.
Remove tree roots, repair sub-base and reseal road and re-mark white lines.
This meant we had to re-mark out the space available for people to leave gifts at Daniel's memorial.
They can also re-mark one part to masquerade as a different, more-valuable component with the same package and pin count.
Besides doing the assembly of the upper and lower receiver and bolt carrier group, the team brought along a laser engraver to re-mark the setting nomenclature, he said.
It is not a good idea to rely on the re-mark coming back positive.
Iksil wanted to "stay as we are and let the book simply die" rather than try to re-mark the complex derivatives under a new model.