n.1.The act of re-presenting, or the state of being presented again; a new presentation; as, re-presentation of facts previously stated.
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5) The implication here is that photographers need to claim more control over the dissemination and re-presentation of the visual stories they construct.
I believe that innovation and re-presentation can grow sales significantly rather than simply clutter the shelves.
While the NBA is pleased that EFSA is actively considering the re-presentation of older UK beef to the commercial market it regrets that suckler cow owners will not now be able to take advantage of encouragingly strong demand for manufacturing beef until the beginning of next year.
In that case maybe the Wales manager might consider making a re-presentation of his own.
He studies the physical re-presentation of objects or acts which are present or absent in non-Western cultures, mainly African, and why this may be so.
The therapeutic value of psychoanalysis lies in "the unique encounter, the meeting of two human beings, with all the re-enactment of a forgotten drama, the re-presentation of that which is 'familiar' (of the family).
To whom, then, is the sacrifice of Christ--let alone its commemoration or re-presentation in the Sacrifice of the Mass--offered?
Journalistic' is another term that has accumulated derogatory connotations, but once again, one means no harm: Mr Severin's willingness to dedicate his evidently considerable talents for investigation and coherent re-presentation to an essentially populist project produces books that may not appear on college reading lists, but may, in fact, be read.
This new view, a re-presentation of the data, allows simple viewing and easy measurements that extract information from a complex set of raw data.
However, there is time for an effective partnership to be evolved, because the complicated and daunting structure and local plan-making processes (publication, consultation, review, re-presentation, public inquiry, report, discussion, and eventual adoption) are now forecast to take almost two years from first draft structure plan publication in March of this year.
Laocoon is not merely an ancient figure rediscovered, and still tethered to its own age; it is also a modern statue, its re-presentation to the world making it as much a Renaissance as a classical figure.
If cosmic history was filled with the struggle between the forces of God and Antichrist, embodied at present in the Roman Church, then stories of Jews were essential to this Christian history as a reflection and a re-presentation of many of the ambivalences in Reformation theology as it intersected with early modern nation-building.