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v. t.1.To store again; as, the goods taken out were re-stored.
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A portion of the proceeds benefitted Habitat for Humanity Re-Store.
Re-store all traffic markings (latex traffic paint) to the original configuration.
It is disjointed and instructs the members rather than understanding their needs Mr Corbyn should re-store the involvement of wider discussion, that would educate the Labour MP's in their electorate's views.
The device excises a ring of mucosa from upper and canal and lower rectum and disrupts artery of piles, reduces inflow to hemorrhoid and re-store the anatomy of the hemorrhoidcushions.
In partnership with IBM and IBM Business Partner Re-Store, Caris has created a scalable, data-aware and secure infrastructure with IBM systems and servers for complex molecular profiling analysis.
Eco-philosopher David Abram says that 'in order to re-store the world we need to re-story the world.
Habitat runs Re-Store in Worcester, which rehabilitates old items and resells them.
Like an image that is traced and retraced, or a story told over and over again, each time we retrieve a memory, we change it slightly, and what we re-store is rarely quite the same.
Habitat for Humanity Re-store hosted a Community E-waste Event on Apr.
Liberty Bank, Middletown, Conn, for its partnership with Habitat for Humanity to launch a Habitat Re-Store in its community.
Provincial Government have contacted heads of museums and heritage department of Federal Government in order repossess invaluable antiques and re-store it to its original state.
Wildcat corporate partners had tables around the stadium displaying their "green" products and services, Featured vendors included the Green Alliance, Ultra Geothermal, SEA Solar Store, the Jenaly Technology Group, ReVision Energy, The Fiddlehead Loop, Simply Green, The Green Tee, UNH Energy Club and the Southeast Habitat for Humanity Re-Store.