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v. t.1.To store again; as, the goods taken out were re-stored.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Community service: Rotary Interact leader, student council president, Habitat for Humanity Re-Store Chicago volunteer
Curcumin intervention could re-store the expression level of the above cytokines toward normal state in line with its dose (p<0.01), indicating that curcumin could exert anti-inflammatory effects on colitis, thus relieving inflammation degree (Figure 3a, b).
Na-retrieve nga (The equipment was turned over to APO and our IT team was able to re-store it, that's what they've told me.
It is disjointed and instructs the members rather than understanding their needs Mr Corbyn should re-store the involvement of wider discussion, that would educate the Labour MP's in their electorate's views.
The device excises a ring of mucosa from upper and canal and lower rectum and disrupts artery of piles, reduces inflow to hemorrhoid and re-store the anatomy of the hemorrhoidcushions.
In partnership with IBM and IBM Business Partner Re-Store, Caris has created a scalable, data-aware and secure infrastructure with IBM systems and servers for complex molecular profiling analysis.
Eco-philosopher David Abram says that 'in order to re-store the world we need to re-story the world.' He reminds parents that rather than glass screens telling them stories, children need 'whole gesturing bodies'.
Habitat runs Re-Store in Worcester, which rehabilitates old items and resells them.
Like an image that is traced and retraced, or a story told over and over again, each time we retrieve a memory, we change it slightly, and what we re-store is rarely quite the same.
* Habitat for Humanity Re-store hosted a Community E-waste Event on Apr.
* Liberty Bank, Middletown, Conn, for its partnership with Habitat for Humanity to launch a Habitat Re-Store in its community.