(rē`ăk`sĕs´ or rė`ăk´sĕs)
n.1.A second access or approach; a return.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The BusinessMirror reported that the November bilateral talks between Canberra and Manila yielded 'positive results' in terms of the Philippines's bid to reaccess the Australian market for bananas, which has been closed for more than two decades.
Thus, any FRS proceeding should conclude with the entrepreneur able to reaccess her human capital without suffering unduly harsh consequences.
His raspy voice and hectoring inflections made me feel, to cite Emily Dickinson, "Zero at the Bone." I no longer speak in tongues, but deep down, I suspect that I could reaccess my glossolalia, if I needed to.
This may necessitate a transhepatic approach to reaccess and decompress the biliary tree or cholecystoduodenal stent.
In this article, we use data for a sample of 121 countries over the period 1970-2011 and rely on a discrete-time version of the Weibull duration model to: (1) test whether the likelihood of financial markets' shutdown and reaccess ending changes as they become longer and (2) to assess the impact of economic, political, and circumstantial factors on the duration of episodes of markets' shutdown and reaccess.
When the user needs to reaccess the application, he/she must sign in with entering username and password.
If normal growth and funding clauses were reestablished, the borrowers would considerably diminish or wipe out their deficits (Popescu, 2014), amortize their loans, and reaccess the private financial markets for the persistent financing they might need.
examine Heschel's thought we must reaccess his relation to Jewish
"I wanted to create a body of work around how I can approach these two images and find a way to reaccess them.
(4) Sin embargo, investigadores del Politecnico di Torino (Italia) han realizado un importante trabajo durante el Proyecto REACCESS para definir y estimar riesgos tecnicos y medioambientales que afectan a la seguridad energetica de los corredores que se dirigen a la UE.
"I'm really going to have to reaccess what I say at half time.
If the value of a statement and the content of a memory location have not been changed, then the compiler should not recompute the statement or reaccess the location.