Reaction wheel

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roue de réaction
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Zhao, "Disturbance modeling and parameters identification of reaction wheel assembly on spacecraft," Journal of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, vol.
The failure of one or more reaction wheels can cause a satellite to lose its ability to maintain position and thus potentially cause a mission failure.
Cage Instability of XMM-Newton's Reaction Wheels Discovered During the Development of an Early Degradation Warning System.
[J.sub.[omega]] is the inertia matrix of the reaction wheel and [??] = [J.sub.s] - [A.sub.i][J.sub.[omega]]][A.sup.T.sub.i] x [A.sub.i] is the layout matrix of the reaction wheels whose columns represent the influence of each wheel on the angular acceleration of the satellite.
In June 2010, on approach to Vesta, Dawn lost one of its four reaction wheels. These devices permit the spacecraft to maintain its orientation in space, to keep its solar panels facing the Sun, its dish antenna pointed at Earth, and its instruments aimed at science targets.
Millennium Space Systems said it has shipped its first set of RWA-1000 reaction wheels to commercial customer SSL in Palo Alto, CA.
A reaction wheel, an actuator in a satellite's attitude control system, changes the satellite's position based on torque commands issued by the satellite's exterior sensors.
The quality of high-resolution images obtained from earth observation satellites can be degraded by undesirable microdisturbances induced by on-board appendages that have mechanical moving parts, such as reaction wheel assembly (RWA) [1], control moment gyro [2], cryogenic cooler [3], and gimbal-type antenna [4].
If Kepler points the peak of its solar panel roof at the sun, each side gets the same gentle nudge from sunlight and the forces cancel; the light acts like a third reaction wheel to steady the spacecraft.
The other scheme, and this has never been tried, involves using thrusters and the solar pressure exerted on the solar panels to try and act as a third reaction wheel and provide additional pointing stability, he added.