n.1.A second affirmation.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Second, the Court's failure to overrule Roe in a given case constitutes an actual reaffirmance of the decision, strengthening Roe as a precedent of the Court and protecting it further from future reversal.
(More generally, a member of Congress who voted for a bill that failed might still be injured by, and join a lawsuit to contest, the President's action in nevertheless implementing the failed bill as law; the member might have supported the content of the bill as a matter of policy yet be concerned about the dilution of congressional power the President's implementation of an unenacted bill might effect.) For the same reasons that underlie Raines's reaffirmance of Coleman, there similarly should be standing to recognize challenges to vote nullification over time.
(267) Thus, despite the Court's virtually simultaneous reaffirmance of its "colorblind" approach to affirmative action doctrine in Fisher, it would not, in Adoptive Couple, seek to extend that doctrine to the family law domain.
Instead, it seemed to read Comcast as merely "reaffirm[ing] the settled rule that liability issues relating to injury must be susceptible of proof on a classwide basis...." (84) A mere reaffirmance of settled law, however, would not have indicated to the Supreme Court that there was a "reasonable probability" of reversal in light of Comcast--the standard for a GVR order.
Henkel sharply criticizes the majority's holding in Textron, stating, "[d]espite this alleged reaffirmance [of First Circuit precedent], the majority proceeds to inconsistently and wrongly apply a new standard that turns 60 years of jurisprudence on its head." Henkel, supra at 237-39.
The reaffirmance by Union Carbide (and in the Fifth Circuit's reversal of McFer-rin) of Cohan as a viable precedent is reason for optimism, but it is unlikely that the IRS will immediately give up on this issue.
popular reaction (which could as easily view the reaffirmance of Roe as
(83) The final significant use of force aspect of the ECOMOG intervention was the use of Nigeria's Alpha jets to strike targets in Taylor's territory, which gave rise to allegations of ECOMOG's intention to attack hospitals and a reaffirmance of the principle of "medical neutrality" by the U.N.
However, the Smith opinion's reaffirmance and illustration of the Kluger holding combined with its specific inclusion of common law adopted via the receiving statute, effectively immunized English common law causes of action co-equally with state constitutional rights against legislative action.
The other such tight was that of reproductive choice, whose reaffirmance in a 1992 plurality opinion, Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v.