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(Law) lands or real estate in the hands of the heir, chargeable with the debts of the ancestor.

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closed-end commingled funds rather than publically traded securities or in direct Real Asset investments.
Pakistani nation is my real asset and my agenda is to bring the country on path of progress by getting it a dignified status among the developed countries," The Nation quoted Nawaz, as saying.
com)-- Opal Financial Group's Real Asset Investing Forum will aim to provide education and information on real estate and real assets to the key decision makers and other representatives of the nation's largest pension, endowment, and foundation funds.
According to Lee Baker, who heads Apex Financial Services in Tucker, Georgia, Oppenheimer Real Asset [QRAAX] is a solid fund.
It's OK for staff employees to be perfectionists--and in many cases, it's a real asset.
The two-fold purpose of this article is to extend the traditional CAPM in order to recognize two important facts: first, most investors invest in real assets as well as financial assets; and, second, most investors also purchase insurance to protect themselves against real asset losses, and, therefore, they are also insureds.
The company's enthusiasm and responsiveness are a real asset for our clients doing business in Central New Jersey.
Very few managers can offer our deep expertise and thought leadership across such a broad range of real asset categories and we are delighted to be adding an investment professional of Vince's caliber to the team.
Dale's operational expertise and financial background have made her a real asset to the Washington plan," said Dr.
The Real Asset Company's latest unique look at the paper and physical gold markets throws up some essential reading when it comes to understanding gold price discovery and investing in gold bullion.
The company announced that shareholders of Wilmington Multi-Manager Real Estate Securities Fund have approved a proposal to broaden the fund's investment parameters and change its name to Wilmington Multi-Manager Real Asset Fund.
The addition of this team comes at a time when secular trends in real asset classes are driving some of the most exciting opportunities in the marketplace," said Robert Steers, co-chairman and co-chief executive officer of Cohen & Steers.