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(Law) lands or real estate in the hands of the heir, chargeable with the debts of the ancestor.

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The acquisition of CCC will strengthen and expand Brookfield's business and research capability, diversifying its real asset public securities investment offerings, which currently focus on real estate equities, infrastructure equities, real asset solutions and real asset debt.
Shareholders of the Diversified Real Asset Income Fund (NYSE: DRA) have approved the fund's reorganization with and into the Nuveen Real Asset Income and Growth Fund (NYSE: JRI), the company said.
Plan sponsors can access standalone real asset investment vehicles or multi-asset funds dedicated to real assets.
BritNed Development Ltd has selected Real Asset Management's specialist software to assist with the transition towards a paperless maintenance management process, the company said.
Note that most individual real assets are quite volatile, and so it makes sense to diversify a real asset portfolio across a wide range of inflation-sensitive investments.
Pakistani nation is my real asset and my agenda is to bring the country on path of progress by getting it a dignified status among the developed countries," The Nation quoted Nawaz, as saying.
com)-- Opal Financial Group's Real Asset Investing Forum will aim to provide education and information on real estate and real assets to the key decision makers and other representatives of the nation's largest pension, endowment, and foundation funds.
According to Lee Baker, who heads Apex Financial Services in Tucker, Georgia, Oppenheimer Real Asset [QRAAX] is a solid fund.
The two-fold purpose of this article is to extend the traditional CAPM in order to recognize two important facts: first, most investors invest in real assets as well as financial assets; and, second, most investors also purchase insurance to protect themselves against real asset losses, and, therefore, they are also insureds.
Where multi-asset funds have gained the most traction, however, is in strategies meant to protect the value of retirement portfolio dollars against inflation, known as real return or real asset funds.
It has also launched several new real asset funds with co-investments from a range of European institutions.
It's OK for staff employees to be perfectionists--and in many cases, it's a real asset.