Real composition

(Eccl. Law) an agreement made between the owner of lands and the parson or vicar, with consent of the ordinary, that such lands shall be discharged from payment of tithes, in consequence of other land or recompense given to the parson in lieu and satisfaction thereof.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Feathertop likewise had looked towards the mirror, and there beheld, not the glittering mockery of his outside show, but a picture of the sordid patchwork of his real composition stripped of all witchcraft.
"The structure of the programme reflects the real composition of more or less an ideal exhibition in a real museum.
(34) The first text, in which, as Fabro acknowledges, Thomas does not explicitly apply his reasoning to the real composition of essence and existence (esistenza), is taken from his Commentary on the Metaphysics, bk.
If we apply our knowledge of the behavior of the materials that are involved, we can still obtain at least an approximation of the real composition of the material.
The measurements were carried out to identify the real composition of the materials in the glass samples and to detect if there is any other contaminated material which may affect the glass samples.
In Variant 2 the real composition of concrete is modified in the way that water-cement ratio is kept constant, but both the water and cement contents are increased by 10% (simultaneously the aggregate content is decreased to retain the unit weight of fresh concrete).
When I brought my ideas into my first real composition lesson, my professor asked me, "Why does everything have to be a triad?"--thus spawning my academic-composer side.
Although people in the 16th century knew that the Moon isn't green cheese, its real composition remained unknown until 40 years ago this month, when the Surveyor 5 robotic spacecraft landed on Mare Tranquillitatis and performed the first chemical analysis of lunar rock.
Joscelyn Godwin, in adding a valuable description of the musico-cosmic speculations of French esotericists of the period 1750-1950 to a series of similar books on cosmic harmony and theosophy, is quite explicit about how little this has to do with real music and real composition of any lasting value in the same period: Rameau, Debussy and Satie get a few citations and Wagner of course gets many, but not a mention of Berlioz - a remarkable fact, since the High Romantic period is particularly productive of this sort of astrological tosh (Fabre d'Olivet, Fourier, Wronski).
The deeper reason for this, Krapiec teaches, is the real composition of essence and existence, the codetermination involved therein, and hence the merely relative unity of the concept of being.
The real compositions were determined by an inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer (ICP, IRIS Intrepid II, Thermo Fisher Scientific).