Euclidean geometry

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Euclid′ean geom′etry

geometry based upon the postulates of Euclid, esp. the postulate that only one line may be drawn through a given point parallel to a given line.
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Noun1.Euclidean geometry - (mathematics) geometry based on Euclid's axiomsEuclidean geometry - (mathematics) geometry based on Euclid's axioms
math, mathematics, maths - a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement
geometry - the pure mathematics of points and lines and curves and surfaces
euklidovská geometrie
euklidska geometrija
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Made at one-ninth scale to the real plane named High Life, it has a 12-foot wingspan.
Later he built his own flight simulators, which already contained control wheels and pedals like on a real plane.
The British Airways Captains let me fly over my house in Liverpool in the A380 simulator and afterwards we saw the real plane I cant believe I flew a plane that big!
It's not as busy as the real thing, but there's nothing like having a live human being watching your performance to make you actually fly your sim like the real plane, which is really what you're striving for.
"It's scaled down for the tour - it's not the size of a real plane anymore - but you probably can't tell that as it still looks huge.
To tour it, it couldn't be a real plane which we had adapted as we bought the back end of a plane, a 737, for the original 2011 Regents Park production.
KidZania has a real theater where kids can watch movies and shows; its own McDonald's where they can make their own burgers or work at the cashier; a Cebu Pacific plane (a real plane, mind you!), where kids can train as flight attendants or pilots; an A1 driving institute, where they can learn to drive, Centro Escolar University, where kids can get their degrees; factories, where they can make the most amazing things; commercial establishments Healthy Options and Mercury Drug, where they can grocery shop or dine with friends after a hard day's work.
"Its feels good, but it's not the same as sitting in the real plane," one said.
Director Gene Fallaize said of filming "The set was just fantastic, to be given access to a real plane and to destroy it and make it look like a real plane crash - as opposed to shooting parts of a wooden frame in a studio - not only added huge production value to the picture, but also it helped our cast really buy into the characters and the desperation of their situation, which will really come across on screen."
A motion controller makes the chair of the simulator pitch and turn like in a real cockpit to simulate the climbs, descents and banked turns of a real plane. Zaharie's set-up also included a center pedestal, where aircraft controls sit, and an overhead panel.
So, in Figure 8 each point (a,b) of the real plane [-10,10] x [-10,10] represents a scheme of the ([alpha],c)-family, for [alpha] = a and c = b.
The documents pointed that certain games offer realistic weapons training, military operations and tactics, photorealistic land navigation and terrain familiarization, and leadership skills and pointed that some of the 9/11 pilots had never flown a real plane but trained using Microsoft's Flight Simulator.