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Durante il suo ristoro notturno, viene ricondotto al reame di una misteriosa "Anima originaria", per rinascere infine come "fanciulletto umano" dopo averne attraversato le impervie regioni cosmiche:
When Solomon speaks in the York House Books text, he talks of the first six Henries preparing Henry VII's 'reame' for him.
Reame, N.E., Lukacs, J.L, Padmanabhan, V., Eyvazzadeh, A.D., Smith, Y.R., Zubieta, J.K., 2008.
(59) NE Reame, A Kalfoglou & HA Hanafin, "Long Term Outcomes of Surrogate Pregnancy: A Report of Surrogate Mothers' Satisfaction, Life Events and Moral Judgments Ten Years Later" (1998) 70:3 suppl 1 Fertility and Sterility S28.
Nancy King Reame, PhD, MSN, FAAN, Professor of Nursing, Columbia University and Director, Pilot and Collaborative Studies, Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, Columbia University, New York was the key note speaker for the event.
memorandum, saving your good correction that it is right necessarie amonges otheir of my lordes articles that there be desired to be made a steward of Englond a constable and suche other officers lordes of gret worship of good name and fame not sclaundered with the vice of covetise for the welfare and defence of this reame from the powere of our adversaries.
"Flashes of light are much more visible and stand out to the aircrew," Lieutenant Norm Reame, CAP Public Affairs Officer, said.
quando la santissimo bocca di Giesu disse, che piu agevolmente entrerebbe nella cruna d'un accora, una fune di nave, che il ricco ne reame de celi." This passage is found in Lando's discussion of the paradox that it "is better to be poor than rich." "Bione" is Bion, one of the so-called "seven sages" of the sixth century BCE.
Professor Nancy Reame of the University of Michigan says: "In a woman in her 20s the body produces a burst of GnRH roughly every hour which then tells the brain to release other reproductive hormones.