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juice reamer


1. Any of various tools used to shape or enlarge holes or bores.
2. A utensil with a conical, ridged projection, used for extracting juice from citrus fruits.
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1. (Tools) a steel tool with a cylindrical or tapered shank around which longitudinal teeth are ground, used for smoothing the bores of holes accurately to size
2. (Tools) US a utensil with a conical projection used for extracting juice from citrus fruits; lemon squeezer
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(ˈri mər)

1. any of various rotary tools, with helical or straight flutes, for finishing or enlarging holes drilled in metal.
2. any bladelike pick or rod used for scraping, shaping, or enlarging a hole: a pipe reamer.
3. a deep, saucerlike dish with a grooved cone in the center for extracting the juice from a fruit.
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Noun1.reamer - a squeezer with a conical ridged center that is used for squeezing juice from citrus fruitreamer - a squeezer with a conical ridged center that is used for squeezing juice from citrus fruit
squeezer - a kitchen utensil for squeezing juice from fruit
2.reamer - a drill that is used to shape or enlarge holes
drill - a tool with a sharp point and cutting edges for making holes in hard materials (usually rotating rapidly or by repeated blows)
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[ˈriːməʳ] Nescariador m
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Results of literature research provide answer to a few specific problems and give general information about geometry and function of reamers. But nowhere is written which parameter influences the quality of reamed hole.
Previously, reamed material which stuck to the reamers were often ignored and neglected.
The newest 6-, 8- and 10-inch models are built with an API pin and box, and a removable pulling eye at the back of the reamer. This allows the user to quickly hook up many configurations, including pulling reamers in tandem or using the EXTReam reamer as a stabilizer for subsequent reamer passes.
As for chambers, good gunsmiths use minimum-spec reamers made by top machinists like Manson and Pacific Tool & Gauge.
Among Reamers list of recommendations for federal and state data improvements, he calls for adding occupation information to state Unemployment Insurance wage records, along with incorporating shorter-term nondegree credentials along with traditional degrees into statewide longitudinal data systems that can show how people go through all of the stages of education and training, and into the workforce.
When it comes to reamers, an article published in July 2015 showed that the use of flexible reamers were more advantageous in the sense that it allows an additional way of uncoupling the tibial and femoral tunnels to clearly visualize and establish an anatomic starting point within the femoral footprint of the native ACL.
Allied Machine & Engineering Corp (Dover, OH) offers a complete range of ALVAN expandable precision reamers for high volume production wherever high quality, tight tolerances, or superior finish is critical.
Another innovation in firearms holemaking operations are high performance finishing tools, like replaceable head reamers, enabling manufacturers to produce more parts quicker.
In his article "Bricks of Gold," Tom Beckstrand wrote, "Chambers in factory rifles see the entire range of SAAMI specifications, from the tightest cut with new reamers to the largest cut with reamers drawing their last breath." I believe the situation is the reverse.
You will need a 7.62x39mm "GO" headspace gage and a 7.62x39mm finish chambering reamer. Reamers are available in finish or roughing styles.
Two types of chamber reamers will be needed: a standard finish reamer and a pull-through type headspacing reamer.