n.1.(Surg.) The second of two amputations performed upon the same member.
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The TIHDD does not distinguish between whether a person was discharged for an amputation or a subsequent reamputation (i.
But one day he had to come up for reamputation and after he was on the table, we found the doctors would not be ready for another quarter of an hour.
We examined patient demographics and other characteristics, including length of stay, number of comorbidities, age, sex, race, reamputation, amputation level, death date, living arrangement prior to hospitalization, marital status, and hospital bed size.
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In addition, reconstructive surgery facilitates decrease of incidence of long-term complications, and amputations, as well as duration of treatment making reduction of complications and reamputations possible.
There was a trend toward fewer reamputations in patients who received VAC, although the study was not powered to evaluate that end point.
There was a trend to fewer reamputations in patients receiving VAC, although the study was not powered to demonstrate that end point.