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Their topics include divine retribution and reward revisited: the rereading and reapplication of Isaiah 59 in Wisdom 5, the ultimate femme fatale: an intertextual comparison of Judith and Inanna, Mother Zion and Mother Earth in Second Baruch and Fourth Ezra, and the Book of Tobit in the story Cornelius in Acts 10.
However, if in building exteriors it does not requires reapplication of anti-graffiti coatings in a short period.
The coating lasts for up to 12 months both internally and externally, meaning no reapplication of temporary protection for the manufacturer or customer.
These applications pertain to the renewal, reapplication, reinstatement, suspension, revocation or cancellation of accreditation, as well as to the activation of the Client Profile Registration System (CPRS) of entities accredited by other government agencies.
Please note: If you serve on a state committee as an at-large member and would like to continue, reapplication is necessary, Also, if you will be a chapter committee chair in 2019-20, then you have an automatic seat on that corresponding state committee and do not need to apply for that committee here.
At three months, patients in the intervention group reported increased use of sunscreen compared with the usual care patients (face: intervention increased 12 percent and control decreased 4 percent; body: intervention increased 12 percent and control decreased 1 percent; reapplication: intervention increased 15 percent and control remained stable).
The senator also asked the government to ensure a 'clear and simple to understand, reasonable and practical' reapplication guidelines in Boracay.
Reapplication for membership or other status may be made by either individual after a period of no less than five (5) years, with reapplication considered on its merits and under such policies as may then be in effect.
Over-application is a bad habit that is especially common in operations using semi-permanent coatings that do not require frequent reapplication. Ladies and gentlemen, to be blunt: Just use as directed!
In addition to Scopus indexing, the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) accepted our reapplication in 2016.
Dermatologist Dr Jonathan Bowling says: "I'd just recommend reapplication if you towel-dry yourself as this can rub the sun protection off." From Boots and Superdrug.