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also ra·ya  (rä′yə, rī′ə)
n. pl. ra·yahs or rayah also ra·yas or raya
A subject of the Ottoman Empire. Used especially of non-Muslims.

[Colloquial Ottoman Turkish rāyā, variant of Ottoman Turkish re'āyā (Modern Turkish reaya), from Arabic ra'āyā, pl. of ra'īya, herd, flock, subject, rayah, from ra'ā, to pasture, feed; see rʕy in Semitic roots.]
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(ˈrɑːjə; ˈraɪə)
1. (Islam) (formerly) a non-Muslim subject of the Ottoman Empire. Also (less common): raia
2. (Historical Terms) (formerly) a non-Muslim subject of the Ottoman Empire. Also (less common): raia
[C19: from Turkish raiyye, from Arabic ra'iyah herd, flock]
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To meet the growing demand of home dialysis machines, Reaya Mumayaza for hemodialysis services managed by NMC ProVita International Medical Center, announced it has entered an agreement to provide more home dialysis machines, which ensures quality healthcare for those who need it the most- at the right time and place.
Home dialysis offers patients a number of benefits and NMC ProVita International Medical Centre, a subsidiary of NMC Healthcare, is providing this service to UAE patients through Reaya Mumayaza.
The reality on the ground is that in the many scores of documents I have seen, the reaya won over the military and ulema classes.
Dr Dairi, who runs Al Reaya Medical Complex and a former Shura Council member, urged health officials to investigate.
The reaya (non-military classes) produce the wealth.
In this production, Alice was played by all five members of the all-female cast (Reaya Sealey, Ashleigh Packham, Holly Rivers, Jenny Runacre and Mairi Phillips), alternately giving us an Alice with tattoos and a mohican and an Alice who was half a decade older than her original namesake.
DED has seven Customer Service Centres besides its branch offices, including On-Time, Itqan, Al Moamala, Istimarat, Al Reaya,Tasheel and Emirates Secretarial Services where customers can avail of a variety of services including registration, reservation and renewal of trade names and licenses.
In addition, "Reaya" cards are available for senior citizens, aged 60 and above, and individuals with special needs, in Abu Dhabi.
They constituted a kind of peasant militia of originally unmarried lads who were fit for war and were levied from, and equipped, by the taxpaying subjects (reaya).
Also exhibited is a collection of Arab folk art, which includes paintings by Abdel-Ghani Abul-Enein, as well as a fascinating display of costumes and jewelry from across the Arab world - lovingly collected by the artist and his wife, Reaya El-Nimr.
The Muslims, composed of converted domestic Slavs and ethnic Turks, were landlords, while all non-Muslims were serfs-peasants (reaya).