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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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They called upon the Health Authority chief executive officer and the deputy commissioner Hafizabad to ensure overhead shelter at the counter to facilitate them to get the prescription receit. They have also appealed to arrange seating arrangements near the counter to save them from the sizzling heat.
it were a whole receit of Poetrie is prescribed with so manie new
"It shows the appetite for business is still there in the region despite the current economic climate and the levels of interest the challenge has sparked can only bode well for the economic future of the area." A previous company in receit of funds from Michelin is Stoke based Data Driven Logistics which have just scooped three awards including West Midlands Regional 2008 ICT Excellence award forBest Innovative Product, for its CandiTVsystem,whichenables visitors to quickly access information about the Shakespeare County via a mobile telephone.
ICI COMENCE LA VIE SEINTE OSITH, VIRGE ET MARTIRE 4 Ceo nus mustre seinte escripture, Bon fu ki met en Deu sa cure Et aime e creient son creatur Plus ke ne fet autre seigniur; Ki l'aime e creient e bien le sert, Ne ci ne ailliurs ja ne pert; Ki guerpist terre pur son non 8 Ciel li donne de guerdon; Ne change cil pas follement Ke terre lesse e le ciel prent; Ne folement ne change mie 12 Ke lesse mort e receit vie; [Fol.
'There was Stale beer, and I tryed [Stella's erased] a receit of Oyster shells, which I got powdered on purpose.' (33) His thoughts are clearly tending towards Ireland and Johnson, and his decision to have the shells powdered is deliberate, but, ultimately, he cannot admit, even in his notes, that it is 'Stella's receit'.
31 Badminton MS, FmT/B/1/4/4, item 3, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu's 'Song', also known under the alternative title of 'A Receit to Cure the Vapours'.