Recent epoch

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Noun1.Recent epoch - approximately the last 10,000 years
Age of Man, Quaternary, Quaternary period - last 2 million years
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We live in the Holocene, the most recent epoch in earth's geologic history.
In the more recent epoch of Kander and Fred Ebb, the legendary team wrote only two shows specifically for a star: "The Act" (1977) for Liza Minnelli and "Woman of the Year" (1981) for Lauren Bacall.
First is the ancient heritage of Athens and Jerusalem, "the heroic way of the Prophets and Philosophers seeking truth from the God above or the reason within." The second epoch reached its apogee in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, when the quest for a good society liberated from tired religious dogmas and ignorant customs produced "an age of communal seeking, pursuing civilization in the liberal spirit." The third and most recent epoch has been an age when faith in the certainties of science, a belief that "man seems ruled by the forces of history," produced ideologies and at the same time the rejection of ideology.

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