v. t.1.To center again; to restore to the center.
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The medical elements of the story aren't entirely sound, but the intrigue created through the revelation that Gabi's medication has only been harming her helps recenter the story.
Lewis attempted to recenter the vehicle in the lane, causing the front drivers side to collide with the tip of an old mine gate.
Every time I look through a big Dobsonian at a star party, chances are the scope is equipped with a premium ultra-wide-angle ocular with a 100[degrees] apparent field of view or more, allowing me to drink in the view for a long period before having to recenter the view.
Students can also use the space to take a 15-minute break to recenter and reconnect, Carillo says.
Even standing behind the screen and moving one's arms can let out young children's pent-up energy and recenter them to go back to creative making.
Williams's rendering of the materialist forces that led to 1807, 1831, and 1833 was roundly attacked by a train of historians who sought to recenter the abolition story.
Despite these, El-Ariss successfully provides scholars and students alike with an invaluable, original, and vibrant addition to a growing array of poignant theoretical and literary inquiries on the nahdah and Arabic literature that continues to recenter the Arabic text.
It's nice to retreat into a quiet place where you can recenter your mind and soul, and then you can rev yourself up for another round.
Your solution to that problem is to use an end mill smaller than the cut width dead centered on the final cut width, make one pass, recenter the end mill, then widen your initial cut with initial passes on both sides of the center line until the extractor width is equaled.
As my hand almost subconsciously moved slightly aft to recenter the ball and return to glide slope, the jet quickly adjusted back to glide slope against my intent.
Once NET relented and let Black Journal's largely black staff have editorial control, the series sought to recenter blackness, but it was hindered in its efforts by public television's by-mail syndication system that meant there was little uniformity in terms of when the series would air across markets.