Recessional hymn

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a hymn sung in a procession returning from the choir to the robing room; a recessional.

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As the capacity audience, wonderfully attentive throughout, waited in stillness until the Choir's recessional hymn became finally inaudible in the distance, the evening ended with the sound of thunderous applause, poignantly addressed to an entirely empty platform.
The Clinton High School band will play a hymn, as well as a recessional hymn, "God Bless the USA." Vanasse will offer closing remarks and Barrus will offer a benediction.
The recessional hymn You Shall Go Out With Joy was followed by the children shouting in chorus "Go in peace to love and serve the Lord" thus bringing the service to an end.
Mickey Gentry officiated the exchanging of the vows and led the congregation in the recessional hymn.
The holy Mass ended with the recessional hymn: "O Sacred Head surrounded by crown of piercing thorn!
After the recessional hymn, O Lord My God, When I in Awesome Wonder, the congregation signed a book of condolence.
The recessional hymn, "America the Beautiful," did not lack for voices.
During the recessional hymn, the cross is carried outside the church for passers-by to enjoy.
The service was brought to a close with the blessing by the bishop and the recessional hymn after which Mr Clay gave the dismissal.
and, as the choir finished the last stanza of "Oh God Our Hope in Ages Past," the recessional hymn, it was all over.
So it goes, until the recessional hymn, which must be "Amazing Grace," now sung at every liturgy, to remind us that we are all wretches.