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(1.) ASCOPE--areas, structures, capabilities, organizations, people, and events; PMESII--political, military, economic, social, information, and infrastructure; and CARVER--criticality, accessibility, recuperability, vulnerability, effect, and recognizability.
They denote a certain marketable name, recognizability, value system, and cultural capital, he says, and shows how it is applicable to literature from the formerly colonized nations--mainly in Africa, Asia, and South America--in the context of a post-colonized transnational cultural industry.
Whatever the stars mean, their presence adds panache and recognizability to the logo, according to Chris Lowery, CEO of Chase Design Group.
Today, showy white weddings, photographs and videos seek similar recognition in novel ways, extending the recognizability of the couple's success, and that of their kin, in time and space (Solway 2016: 313; see also Pauli and Dawids 2017: 23).
Every nation recognizability will be by it's language.
Like in all other parts of the world, brands take full advantage of their recognizability and popularity.
It's that indecipherability, rather than the letters' recognizability, that rhymes with the glut of cheap, mostly nondescript, and often glittery material cinched into a sort of floating cloud with colored cords and zip ties, whose bristling ends give the piece a sort of exosphere.
Furthermore, we are currently working on paint systems with higher reflectivity to increase the recognizability for LiDAR sensors without affecting the aesthetical approach.
Unique label designs, graphics, and colors also add to the recognizability of the brand.
Based on analysis of the items loading on each factor, we came up with factor names that conveyed the underlying construct behind each factor's variance (in order from greatest to least rotated factor loading: Brand Presence, Sponsor Clarity, Disclosure Presence, Deceptiveness, Recognizability as Advertising, and Selling and Persuasive Intent).
This is why the ideal for a brand is to achieve cult status - that is, the maximum degree of recognizability, uniqueness, authenticity, and emotional power, so that it can become a fit for identification, belonging, community, personal and collective emotion, and rituals "(Gauthier, Woodhead, Martikainen 2013, 18).