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KARACHI -- Karachi Police held Saturday an impressive ceremony in recognization of hard work of Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Central Investigation (CIA) and his team for recovery of a kidnapped boy.
It is the recognization of the University's Vice Chancellor Prof.
Tenders are invited for Comrehensive maintenance of existing biomatric face recognization atteandace machine in all respect incluidng data feeding, data provide on prescribe time, storage.
With deepening recognization about ultrasound in recent years, the lung with diseases produces ultrasound artifacts result from the abnormal tissue/gas/tissue interface when ultrasound wave penetrate lung tissue.
Recognization and the administration of the genetic diversity is imperative within the species because the breeding and selection of desired traits can lead to enhance in the frequency of that attribute for the economic, social or cultural value within the particular species.
Strengths: (a) tag recognization with faster and less transmissions, (b) low communication overhead and (c) reduced total dealy for identifying all tags.
s,x] parameters have an appropriate difference (threshold) together, so the feature is repeated in one of classes more, and recognization of two classes can be done by the feature.
We have to be compatible to changes in information technology - ISPS Code - GPS systems, RFID, optical character recognization too.
Therefore, the recognization and the understanding of the social aspects of the coaching process is a necessary step toward understanding coaching practice and valuable to support coaches in their daily tasks more effectively (Jones et al.
The third group of factors consists of availability of mentor, communication of success and failure stories, regarding and recognization of the team members.
Of 2001 IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognization.