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But unfortunately, it seems that it is under assault and it's recognization is endangered in the world.
According to university reliable sources, the competent authorities of the newly established University in Shikarpur will have to approach the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan for it's recognization and allocation of funds required by the University to run.
Chief Minister said that we were proud of our language, nationality and culture which was our recognization in the world, adding that those elements who wanted to create rifts amongst us under cover of language, nationality and misleading our youth should be discouraged.
The Festival not only highlights global human rights issues through Cinema, but also motivates the work of Young Filmmakers, who in spite of their exemplary works does not get their due recognization & commercial success.
Findings of the study would assist in early recognization of symptoms, reduction of discomfort, and facilitate women to seek appropriate medical care, if necessary.
Prompt recognization and management is necessary as aproximately 10% of the affected patients had permanent vision loss [5].
For an intuitional recognization of the hazard of TCs, the population and GDP of 2014 are symbolized with graduated colors and graduated symbols, respectively, in Figure 1.
After recognization by the Hp-Hb complex, the Hp-Hb-CD163 complex system is formed during the hemolysis of erythrocytes and mediates the endocytosis of the hemoglobin, leading to the degradation of the lysosomal ligand protein [8].
Firstly, taking into account the invoking times, we construct a directed-weighted network structure to make the understanding and recognization of software structure more accurate.
KARACHI -- Karachi Police held Saturday an impressive ceremony in recognization of hard work of Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Central Investigation (CIA) and his team for recovery of a kidnapped boy.
It is the recognization of the University's Vice Chancellor Prof.