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Noun1.spy satellite - a satellite with sensors to detect nuclear explosionsspy satellite - a satellite with sensors to detect nuclear explosions
artificial satellite, orbiter, satellite - man-made equipment that orbits around the earth or the moon
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reconnaissance satellites have spotted Chinese ships transferring oil to North Korean vessels some 30 times since October in seas off China.
North Korean vessels were spotted on the West Sea engaging in illegal oil trades with Chinese ships multiple times in October, by the United States reconnaissance satellites.
The newspaper said intelligence officials of South Korea and the United States learned of such an exercise through pictures taken by reconnaissance satellites.
When it came to reconnaissance satellites, institutional responsibilities drove a perceptual gap between the President and the Air Force.
Air Force between 1954 and 1961, recounting the development of the Air ForceAEs Dynamic Soarer space bomber project and President EisenhowerAEs efforts to advance reconnaissance satellites.
Russia has involved ten reconnaissance satellites to provide support for its operation against terrorists in Syria, Chief of the Russian General Staff Valery Gerasimov said on Tuesday.
US intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance satellites can observe far over the horizon, providing ample warning time to react to enemy moves and countermoves and help to ensure that adversary attacks fail--similar to the contributions of airborne reconnaissance in World War I.
They were originally intended for the "Future Imaginary Architecture" programme aimed at creating a new generation of reconnaissance satellites for US intelligence.
Debris - including old satellites as well as pieces of rockets and other space equipment - are orbiting the Earth and threaten to collide with functioning communications and reconnaissance satellites.
The satellite, known as Ofek 10, is one of a group of reconnaissance satellites that gather information for military purposes.
The programs resulted into the development of A-2 (OXCART) U-2 aircrafts and CORONA reconnaissance satellites system, which later on generated enormous data for strategic analyzed, which was collected as a resulted of eavesdrop on Soviet and Chinese missile and nuclear capabilities.

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