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 (rĕ′kōn-kēs′tə, -kən-)
The series of military campaigns by which Christian armies reclaimed control of the Iberian Peninsula from the Moors, starting in the eighth century and culminating in the fall of Granada in 1492.

[Spanish, reconquest, from reconquistar, to reconquer : re-, re- (from Latin re-; see re-) + conquistar, to conquer (from conquista, conquest, ultimately from alteration of Latin conquīsīta, feminine of conquīsītus, past participle of conquīrere, to search out, collect; see conquer).]
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For example in Algiers the Andalusian community foundation, was established in response to the massive migration of Muslims during the Reconquesta from Spain, to accommodate refugees and provide them with first aid.
Durant els vuit segles de la Reconquesta refongue la cultura del sarrains i dels jueus, crea diversos regnes i contribui a salvar Europa del perill musulma.
This direction of expansion may also have carried less priority than the liberation of the Holy Land and the reconquesta of Spain.
However, if the date is used to group events such as (a) the Spanish Inquisition, (b) the Reconquesta, (c) Columbus's first voyage and the beginning of the conquest of Native peoples, and (d) the publication of the first book to study and define the grammar of a European language, Antonio de Nebrija's The Art of the Castilian Language, teachers, like historians, might examine these events in relation to emerging nationalism, thus, giving the above facts meaning grounded in the context and not just the year.