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1. The branch of Judaism founded in the United States in the 1900s that regards Judaism as a religious civilization and questions the doctrine that the Jews are God's chosen people.
2. A movement within Christianity seeking to reestablish biblical law as the basis for civil law and social mores.
3. A movement seeking to revive the beliefs and practices of a historic form of religion, especially a pre-Christian polytheistic religion.

Re′con·struc′tion·ist adj. & n.
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Reflected identities: Applying positionality and multicultural social reconstructionism in teacher education.
Rushdoony, the founder of Christian Reconstructionism, and of Moral Majority founder Jerry Falwell provides a critical backstory for understanding Trump's appeal to white evangelicals.
The survey deals with the six representative educational philosophies: essentialism, perennialism, progressivism, pragmatism, existentialism and social reconstructionism.
If God turns out to be a Reconstructionist, which, as students of Reconstructionism know, would be a great irony, I will have more of a problem.
or Christian Reconstructionism, advocates transforming America into a
The introduction, titled "Historia e conhecimento: uma abordagem epistemologica", by Ciro Cardoso, is focused on "the basic or principal modalities of epistemology of history," subdivided into three: reconstructionism (mainly "empiristic" conceptions of the 19th century), constructionism (Marxism, Weberianism, and the Annales); deconstructivism (basically exemplified by Hayden White and Paul Veyne) (CARDOSO; VAINFAS 2012, p.
Rubenstein appreciates many ideas of Reconstructionism and of its founder, Mordechai Kaplan, and admits their influence on his own thinking; nevertheless, he categorically rejects Reconstructionism's "optimistic philosophy of man.
The attack on social reconstructionism during the first half of the twentieth century illustrated the typical reactionary response to this educational challenge.
The first two orientations, Functionalism and Accommodationalism, were found to be prominent in the guide while Liberal Education, Black Nationalist, Afrocentric, and Social Reconstructionism were found to be almost entirely absent.
Social reconstructionism and the roots of critical pedagogy: Implications for teacher education in the neoliberal era.
Francis Schaeffer, a contemporary of Rushdoony, diverged from Reconstructionism, but its basic principles can be found in his support for a politicized, socially conservative Christianity.
The fundamental differences between reconstructionism and constructionism are in their views of the past their approach and their methods of reasoning.
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