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1. The branch of Judaism founded in the United States in the 1900s that regards Judaism as a religious civilization and questions the doctrine that the Jews are God's chosen people.
2. A movement within Christianity seeking to reestablish biblical law as the basis for civil law and social mores.
3. A movement seeking to revive the beliefs and practices of a historic form of religion, especially a pre-Christian polytheistic religion.

Re′con·struc′tion·ist adj. & n.
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When the damage in the photographs or vehicles doesn't seem to match the story or there are questions about the claim, an accident reconstructionist familiar with these types of claims can often assist in providing the missing data to close a claim.
Skinner stated, So, our collision analyst and reconstructionist use it in court to be able to clearly articulate a collision scene .
One of his primary roles in the department was as a Nationally Certified Accident Reconstructionist.
Fiske, the department's accident reconstructionist.
Journalists and bloggers who monitor the Religious Right are particularly troubled by Cameron's warm relationship with the Christian Reconstructionist camp, the most overtly radical faction of the Religious Right.
In this update of the 2006 edition, forensic scientists/consultants discuss reconstructionist approaches to crimes and courtroom presentation of, and testimony on, the physical evidence.
Rabbi Teutsch, in the Reconstructionist Jewish prayerbook for
Kaplan, the founding thinker of the Reconstructionist movement in American Judaism, and his followers.
The most insightful and responsible analysis of the movement is a brief article published by Catholic neoconservative writer Richard John Neuhaus in the May 1990 issue of First Things, when Christian reconstructionist writers were just coming down from the height of their publishing fury, but his analysis is ultimately dismissive.
Reconstructionist Jews often feel out on the forefront.
Mordecai Kaplan founded The Reconstructionist to popularize his thought and to show its relevance to issues then facing American Jews.
The crash is being investigated by a sheriff's office traffic crash reconstructionist.
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