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Prediction of the chemical composition of reproductive sows from their body weight and backfat depth-Utilization for determining the energy recordance. J Rech Porc France 1997;29:255-262.
Concerning the Ricordanze, Pacioli wrote first: "E similmente e buono havere un libro separato per li ricordi che si chiami Recordance"--"And similarly, it is a good idea to keep a separate record book, called the Ricordanze." [Pacioli, 1494, f209r].
The chapter is entitled, "Casi che acade mettere ale recordance del mercante"--"Things to enter in the Merchant's Ricordanze".
Anglo Saxon translators of Pacioli's treatise have also struggled with their translations of Pacioli's term, 'Recordance'.
Nevertheless, despite noting this in the text of his book containing his translation of Pacioli's treatise, Geijsbeek [1914] forgets Stevin's warning and translates the term 'Recordance' as 'Memoranda' in Chapter 35, so wrongly distinguishing it from the book he calls a 'Record Book' in Chapter 38 and causing confusion for readers who have noted his use of 'Memorandum' as the translation of 'Memoriale' when describing the account books in his double entry system.