chili pepper

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chili pepper

See chili.


or chil•e

(ˈtʃɪl i)

n., pl. chil•ies or chil•es.
1. Also called chili pepper. the pungent pod of any of several species of Capsicum, esp. C. annuum longum: used in cooking for its pungent flavor.
3. a dish similar to chili con carne but containing no meat.
[1655–65; < Mexican Spanish chile < Nahuatl chīlli chili pepper]
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Noun1.chili pepper - plant bearing very hot and finely tapering long pepperschili pepper - plant bearing very hot and finely tapering long peppers; usually red
chilli, chilly, chile, chili, chili pepper - very hot and finely tapering pepper of special pungency
red pepper, cayenne, cayenne pepper - ground pods and seeds of pungent red peppers of the genus Capsicum
genus Capsicum, Capsicum - chiefly tropical perennial shrubby plants having many-seeded fruits: sweet and hot peppers
capsicum, capsicum pepper plant, pepper - any of various tropical plants of the genus Capsicum bearing peppers
2.chili pepper - very hot and finely tapering pepper of special pungencychili pepper - very hot and finely tapering pepper of special pungency
hot pepper - any of various pungent capsicum fruits
jalapeno pepper, jalapeno - hot green or red pepper of southwestern United States and Mexico
cayenne, cayenne pepper - a long and often twisted hot red pepper
chili powder - powder made of ground chili peppers mixed with e.g. cumin and garlic and oregano
Capsicum annuum longum, cayenne, cayenne pepper, chili pepper, chilli pepper, jalapeno, long pepper - plant bearing very hot and finely tapering long peppers; usually red

chili pepper

n chile m
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Quinoa, 1 cup, rinsed & drained; coconut milk, 1 can (400ml); diced tomatoes, 1 can (400ml); curry powder, 3tbsp; ketchup or tomato paste, 2tbsp; coconut oil or other vegetable oil, 2tbsp; large onion, 1; garlic, 1 clove, minced; carrot, 1, diced; chickpeas, 1 can (400gm), drained; chopped spinach or kale, 2 large handfuls; crushed red chili pepper, 1ua2tsp; salt and pepper; fresh coriander leaves, one sprig
1 fresh long red chili pepper, finely chopped (see note)
Harissa's a paste that is typically made from various dried red chili peppers, cumin, coriander, caraway seeds, and garlic.
The first place Red Chili winner will represent the Hudson Valley at the International Chili Society National Cook Off.
Hand-stretched and prepared with ghee (clarified butter) and fresh buttermilk following a traditional Indian recipe, Stonefire Sweet Chili Naan is made with crushed spicy red chili and sweet red bell pepper flakes to offer the perfect balance of sweet and spicy, say officials for Toronto-based Stonefire Authentic Flatbreads.
The average prices of other food items also increased nationwide, including mong pulse (13 percent), basmati rice (4 percent), salt powder (9 percent), garlic (6 percent), pulse mash (8 percent), red chili powder (14 percent), coriander (7 percent), green tea (23 percent), mustard oil (7 percent), desi ghee (3 percent), and fresh milk, vegetable ghee and oil (1 percent each) in June as compared to May.
Vegetable broth, tofu cubes, red chili, soy sauce, and a touch of sweetener are added, and the mixture is allowed to stew until everything is hot.
Their paper in the 17 April 2000 Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry focuses on protective compounds found in red chili powder, black pepper, and turmeric.
To usher in this milestone the brand is bringing back four of its favorite retired flavors for a limited time: Red Chili, JalapeSo Jack, Salsa with Mesquite and Cheddar Beer.
Add red chili flakes and coconut milk and bring to a boil.
Buma, whose spicy, flavor-filled red chili earned the judges' rave reviews during the weekend for its exceptional depth and richly blended character, won the honor of "World's Best Chili" for 2007 - and $30,000 in prize money - in the 41st annual World's Championship Chili Cookoff in Omaha, Neb.
Her red chili salsa, known by some as ``asbestos chili,'' and her special macaroni and cheese made with tomato sauce and oregano were mandatory dishes at her favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.