Aquilegia canadensis

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Noun1.Aquilegia canadensis - columbine of eastern North America having long-spurred red flowersAquilegia canadensis - columbine of eastern North America having long-spurred red flowers
genus Aquilegia - columbine
aquilege, aquilegia, columbine - a plant of the genus Aquilegia having irregular showy spurred flowers; north temperate regions especially mountains
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Slightly after the earliest of the spring ephemerals make an appearance, red columbine, with its red and yellow chandelier-like blossoms, erupt in flaming fury along exposed rocky slopes.
Flowers sprawl over the ground: red columbine, pink shooting stars, magenta pentstemon, purple aster, pink monkey flower, and orange tiger lilies.
Wants: red geranium, red sunflower, red carnation, red verbena, red phlox, red rose, red lantana, red zinnia, red pansy, red lobelia, red petunia (red and white), red morning glory, red lupine, red columbine, red sweet pea, red cabbage kale, red dahlia, red potentillas, red coleus, red snapdragon, red double begonia, red coral bells, any ferns.