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Noun1.Emma Goldman - United States anarchist (born in Russia) who opposed conscription; was deported to the Soviet Union in 1919 (1869-1940)
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And yet few visitors to the sprawling site are aware of the feisty politician, known as Red Emma, or her place in history.
Viola is wearing: Red Emma Harris Tweed jacket: PS295 and Willow grey Prince of Wales Harris Tweed skirt: PS115 by Walker Slater.
With close to 30 participating restaurants, featured restaurants include Golden West Cafe, The Land of Kush, Red Emma's, Flight American Fusion, Encantada, Little Havana, Paulie Gees, Stall 11, Sweetside Cafe and Miss Shirley's.
Check out the zine rack at Red Emma's on North Avenue for some serious reading material, but don't forget to look up from your new books and grab a mug of Spicy Hot Chocolate--you'll miss all the great vegan fare their cafe has to offer.
Starting with the role of Helen in Gary Kulesha's Red Emma for the COC, Dupuis has a number of world premieres to her credit, including the title role of Gerald Barry's The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, Wolfgang Rihm's Drei Frauen and the title role in the Canadian and French premieres of Michael Daugherty's Jackie 0.
In Emma Goldman: Revolution as a Way of Life (Yale, September), Vivian Gornick rehearses these details from Red Emma's youth, offering an overview of the career of an iconic anarchist.
Turn doing the chores into together time by using a bright red Emma Bridgewater tea towel, pounds 10, emblazoned with 'Big Love' - see above.
Rudahl does an admirable job of capturing the spirit and the heroism that gains "Red Emma" such infectious popularity (and revilement) worldwide.