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According to South Korean documents, the Worker-Peasant Red Guards consists of about 5.
For Badiou the turning point was the proclamation of the Shanghai Commune in 1967, where Red Guards and Maoist workers overthrew the party committee, took power in the city and attempted to run it without the party, along the lines of the Paris Commune.
The Chinese capital was home to a huge concentration of post-secondary students (111,000, or one-sixth of the national total), and Red Guards there had the most influence nationwide.
The Red Guards made her family compound their headquarters, while Chinn scrounged what she could from the garbage dump and drank water from the river.
They are by no means the Catholic right's answer to Mao's Red Guards.
The Dalai Lama fled to India, and for at least a decade things became a lot worse: many Tibetans -- possibly more than a million -- starved to death during Chairman Mao's Great Leap Forward campaign, temples and monasteries were smashed, sometimes by Tibetan Red Guards, during the Cultural Revolution, and a large number of people died in the violence.
There may be a few octogenarians left in the Politburo who remember the finer points of Marxist-Leninist-Mao Zedong Thought, but among the masses those old notions are as outmoded as the Red Guards, mandatory self-criticism sessions and the iron rice bowl.
In line with its open policy of reform the party has become more tolerant of religion than in the militantly iconoclastic days of Mao Zedong's rampaging Red Guards.
Red Guards made Florence Li Tim-Oi cut up her vestments with scissors.
Seventh are the Chinese Dai Huen Jai gang, many of whom are veterans of Chairman Mao's Red Guards.
His first chapter begins with Mao Zedong standing on the Gate of Heavenly Peace in August 1966 waving at the Red Guards massed below.
The people who were in the Red Guards and committed many destructive acts did so because they had faith.