red Tory

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Red Tory

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) Canadian a Conservative who holds liberal or mildly socialist views on certain fiscal and social issues

red′ To′ry

n. Canadian.
a member of the Progressive Conservative Party who is less conservative than other members.
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Remember, these aren't metropolitan pundits who the Corbynistas can slam as red Tories.
Sadly, the Labour party is now a hostage to the hard left, with a leader only interested in pleasing his own supporters while demonising many former Labour voters and supporters as red Tories or traitors for speaking out against the hard left.
Now they are either Red Tories, or Trots, or Traitors, when they used to just be comrades.
WHEN you report on the coup attempt by these despicable Red Tories can you call them for what they are - the enemy within, the I'm all right jack mentality I have voted Labour all my life and used to respect politicians no matter what party they came from as long as they stood up for Britain but this motley crew of red Tories (I won't call them Labour because two many good Labour men in the past must be sickened by this back-stabbing motley crew).
Have the so-called Red Tories been permanently eclipsed, and if so, is Harper responsible for this development?
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is the 'elephant in the room' ' for Labour and a vote for them is a vote against workers' rights and social justice which is why they are rightly known as Red Tories.
Conservative Valentine Poem to the North East Flood warnings are Red Tories are Blue Money is no object we know that is true.
As others have pointed out, all three finalists were Red Tories (Mar, Redford, Homer).
So-called Red Tories have renounced the aggressive individualism of the Thatcher revolution and want to challenge Labour as the party best able to deal with poverty.
And so, too, have traditional conservatives--and now Red Tories like Phillip Blond.
When you ad up the NDP, the Green Party, the Liberals, the Red Tories and yes, even the Bloc Quebecois, you have a small liberal majority that believes government has an important role to play in civil society and should not be outsourced to the private sector or abandoned altogether.