red Tory

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Red Tory

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) Canadian a Conservative who holds liberal or mildly socialist views on certain fiscal and social issues

red′ To′ry

n. Canadian.
a member of the Progressive Conservative Party who is less conservative than other members.
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There are things that will resonate with Prime Minister Theresa May's red Tory advisers, and more widely.
She told her trial she tried to start a conversation with alleged victim Patricia McLeish but was called a Red Tory and then accused of kicking her.
A new PM, keen to establish her Red Tory, compassionate Conservative credentials, might feel Manchester particularly and 'the North' generally were so prioritised and patronised by Osborne that it's the turn of other regions.
After all, Paddy served in the last Labour government and is therefore likely seen by Momentum as a Red Tory, as a sell-out, not a true socialist.
Today, however, the term Red Tory is often used to describe Conservatives who combine economic laissez-faire with a liberal position on "social" issues like abortion and same-sex marriage, which is almost the opposite of Red Toryism in the original sense.
With a reputation as a Red Tory, Redford tried unsuccessfully to win a nomination to be the federal Conservative Party's candidate in Calgary-West in 2004.
Senator Hugh Segal, a well-known Red Tory, once wrote a cover plug for a book in which I argued Canada had become a social democracy.
Red Tory is a penetrating critique of Britain's problems, as well as those of much of the Western world.
Boyko (history and social sciences, Lakefield College School, Canada) offers the first full-length biography of Canadian prime minister Richard Bedford Bennett which argues that Bennett was a principled leader guided by dedication to Red Tory principles about the constructive role of government, not a millionaire out of touch with ordinary Canadians.
In Red Tory, Blond argues that the sum of Margaret Thatcher's free-market liberalism and New Labour's cultural liberalism has been a vacuum of intimacy speedily filled by new police powers.
8/10 * RED Tory, by Philip Blond, published in paperback by Faber and Faber, pounds 12.
The new boy on the block is Scouser Phillip Blond - also dubbed the Red Tory because of his philosophy for a one-nation consensus to control the free market excesses that have caused the present recession.