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 (ô-răng′ə-tăn′, ō-răng′-, ə-răng′-) also o·rang·ou·tang (-ə-tăng′)
Either of two large arboreal apes, Pongo pygmaeus of Borneo or P. abelii of Sumatra, having a shaggy reddish-brown coat, very long arms, and no tail.

[Malay orang hutan : orang, man + hutan, wilderness, jungle.]
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(ɔˈræŋ ʊˌtæn, oʊˈræŋ-, əˈræŋ-)

also o•rang′u•tang`, o•rang′ou•tang`


a large, mostly arboreal, long-armed anthropoid ape, Pongo pygmaeus, of Borneo and Sumatra.
[1690–1700; < New Latin, Dutch < pidgin Malay: literally, forest man]
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A large ape of the islands of Borneo and Sumatra, having long arms and a reddish-brown coat. Orangutans are highly intelligent and usually solitary.
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Noun1.orangutan - large long-armed ape of Borneo and Sumatra having arboreal habitsorangutan - large long-armed ape of Borneo and Sumatra having arboreal habits
great ape, pongid - any of the large anthropoid apes of the family Pongidae
genus Pongo, Pongo - type genus of the family Pongidae: orangutans
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orang utan
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