Red copper

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(Min.) red oxide of copper; cuprite.

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Another point, which I'd esteem a real favour from you, is not to forget that you haven't put a red copper more into this trip than I have- -"
This was to be not only the longest of all telephone lines, strung on ten thousand poles; it was to be a line de luxe, built of glistening red copper, not iron.
Even when I was safe on the other side I had a long distance to go on the mud and sand before I reached dry ground, and very tired I was, when far in front of me I caught sight of a castle of red copper, which, at first sight, I took to be a fire.
There is no use your telling me that you are going to be good," cried Lord Henry, dipping his white fingers into a red copper bowl filled with rose-water.
I have much there that I left behind me when I came here to my sorrow, and I shall bring back still further store of gold, of red copper, of fair women, and of iron, my share of the spoils that we have taken; but one prize, he who gave has insolently taken away.
MULTAN -- First Secretary to Canadian Higher Commission to Pakistan, Red Copper along with Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI), paid a visit to Mohammad Nawaz Sharif University of Agriculture (MNSUA).
According to Khalil, the second story reinterpreted the sun's daily journey through the mix of red copper and silver along with the mother of pearl, which added a touch of pastel blue.
Caption: TeleBrands The Red Copper Pan is a nonstick ceramic cookware piece made of tough copper.
The country achieving the transition "from red copper to green copper [agriculture]" will require tenacity and hard work.
There is also an ancient red copper ball inscribed with astronomical insignia and inscriptions used by Indian astronomers.
D3994 Rollator Blue D3995 Rollator Ruby Red copper lined thermal Joi| supports orts or Just PS12.99 plus p&p These elasticated therapeutic thermal joi| supports provide insulation to the joint for gentle warmth and comfort.
11), (b) 12 kV ring type boards 3 + 1 for use outside the buildings, (c) 12/ 20 kV XLPE insulated aluminum cable of 3 x 400 mm2 cross section, (d) 18/ 30 kV XLPE insulated aluminum cable of 3 x 300 mm2 cross section, (e) condensers boards of 100, 200, 250 , 350 & 400 KVAR, 400/ 525 volt & (f) electrolytic red copper strips 30 x 5 mm size in 4 meters length.