red-eye gravy

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red′-eye` gra′vy

pan gravy from fried ham.
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For breakfast, Pleasure Point East Side Eatery features the traditional favorites along with a few cultural twists, such as the Chilaquiles (eggs or tofu scrambled with tortilla chips and a spicy chili sauce), the Loco Moco (brown rice, red eye gravy, beef patty and eggs), and Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice).
And ``Luau Lamb,''a Kona coffee-glazed rack of lamb in Kona red eye gravy with watercress and potato salad ($32).
Maybelle, June, and John were real country people who favored country cooking -- biscuits, country ham, red eye gravy, pinto beans and cornbread," she said.
The album, Beaver's debut with Red Eye Gravy Records, will be available online through iTunes, Zune, Amazon mp3, and other select sites.
Drenched in butter and slathered with peach preserves or sopping up molasses or red eye gravy, they are a delight.
Offered in eight different varieties including: American Cheese, Three Cheese, Country Bacon, Real Butter, Ham and Cheese, Red Eye Gravy and Country Ham, Cheddar Cheese and Original, Quaker Instant Grits are a quick and convenient way for moms to provide a hot breakfast, ready in just one minute.