Red liquor

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(Dyeing) a solution consisting essentially of aluminium acetate, used as a mordant in the fixation of dyestuffs on vegetable fiber; - so called because used originally for red dyestuffs. Called also red mordant.

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Edmond could only clasp his hands and exclaim, "Oh, my friend, my friend, speak not thus!" and then resuming all his presence of mind, which had for a moment staggered under this blow, and his strength, which had failed at the words of the old man, he said, "Oh, I have saved you once, and I will save you a second time!" And raising the foot of the bed, he drew out the phial, still a third filled with the red liquor.
Keemun, a traditional tea of old Imperial China, is famous for its orchid aroma and brilliant red liquor. Frequently, Keemun is used as a base for scented blends, the most popular of which is Earl Grey scented with the oil of bergamot.