Red phosphorus

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(Chem.) an allotropic modification of phosphorus, obtained as a dark red powder by heating ordinary phosphorus in closed vessels. It is not poisonous, is not phosphorescent, and is only moderately active chemically. It is valuable as a chemical reagent, and is used in the composition of the friction surface on which safety matches are ignited.
(Chem.) See under Phosphorus.

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Mohd Kamarudin said the confiscated substances are believed to be raw unprocessed drugs weighing 186.70kg, meth oil (11.60kg), ephedrine (2.02kg) and red phosphorus (11.80kg).
A research team led by Rice chemist James Tour, has made test cells coated with red phosphorus on the separator to keep the anode and cathode electrodes apart.
Look at some of the ingredients: acetone, sulfuric acid, brake oil, anhydrous ammonia, lye or sodium hydroxide, red phosphorus (used in matchboxes and flares), lithium (used in batteries), hydrochloric acid (for plastic) and toluene (used in brake fluid).
He founded a chemical company, UPL, in 1969 in Vapi with a mere Rs 4 lakh and 20-26 employees to produce red phosphorus, which was used for making match box.
The BP crystals were synthesized from red phosphorus under high temperature of 1000[degrees]C and high pressure of 2GPa.
used microencapsulated red phosphorus and aluminium hypophosphite to jointly inhibit the combustion of polyethylene.
The ingredients for krokodil synthesis include tablets containing codeine, caustic soda, gasoline, hydrochloric acid, iodine from disinfectants, and red phosphorus from matchboxes.
Three papers from Guilin University of Electronic Technology investigate the effect of fumed silica and zinc borate on the thermogravimetric analysis curves of ABS/magnesium hydroxide composite, and assess the synergistic flame retardant effect of fumed silica, zinc borate, and red phosphorus master batch.
A chemical supply company raised the alarm after becoming suspicious about orders placed by car wash owner Jabbar Hyder in the summer of 2011, including iodine and red phosphorus.
Sites used to make meth can teem with dangerous acids, sodium hydroxide, flammable solvents, anhydrous ammonia, lithium and sodium metals, as well as red phosphorus. Labs can also contain debris such as pressurized cylinders and containers, chemically contaminated glassware and hypodermic needles.
The safety match when invented was a revelation and occurred in 1844 when Swedish professor Gustaf Erik Pasch developed a way to replace the very poisonous (and easily ignitable) yellow phosphorus with non-poisonous red phosphorus. Crucially Pasch was able to patent the separation of the chemical ingredients so that ignition would only happen when the red phosphorous came into contact with the outside of the box when struck.