Red sandstone

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(Geol.) See under Sandstone.
a name given to two extensive series of British rocks in which red sandstones predominate, one below, and the other above, the coal measures. These were formerly known as the Old and the New Red Sandstone respectively, and the former name is still retained for the group preceding the Coal and referred to the Devonian age, but the term New Red Sandstone is now little used, some of the strata being regarded as Permian and the remained as Triassic. See the Chart of Geology.

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Far down, she saw its entrance between the bar of sand dunes on one side and a steep, high, grim, red sandstone cliff on the other.
On the left were the steep red sandstone cliffs, so near the track in places that a mare of less steadiness than the sorrel might have tried the nerves of the people behind her.
And now one of the richest known accumulations of fossil mammals belongs to the middle of the secondary series; and one true mammal has been discovered in the new red sandstone at nearly the commencement of this great series.
The quaint shed structure with its red sandstone chimney was not.
He set his teeth and said nothing, but went with the shouting monkeys to a terrace above the red sandstone reservoirs that were half-full of rain water.
They have said that blocks for the building of the guard room and rampart appear to come from further afield than the red sandstone quarry which stands at the foot of the hill.
The elevations are finished in red sandstone with black and white Tudor style panelling, with impressive sandstone chimneys that really make this property one of a kind.
They added:"The use of carefully selected brick for the exterior, matching the colour of the local red sandstone, works particularly well as do the window proportions.
He took seven hours to reach the top of the red sandstone stack on Hoy, in the Orkney Islands, with sighted partner Molly Thompson.
Although the building was built in 1899 in red sandstone it replaced a building which was constructed in 1844.
Although the building was built in 1899 in red sandstone, it replaced the original building which was constructed in 1844.
Import of red sandstone from India, lack of skilled labour, financial discrepancies mar progress on restoration projectDGMandE also expresses reservations over project,recommends proper planning to avoid further delaysLAHORE:Despite the passage of twelve years and having the required budget, the Punjab Archaeology Department has failed to complete the conservation and restoration work of Shalimar Gardens, a listed World Heritage Site (WHS) suffering owing to the negligence of the authorities concerned.As per the details, a scheme titled "Five Year Programme for Preservation and Restoration of Shalimar Gardens Lahore" was approved at an estimated cost of Rs300 million in 2006 and in 2017 the same was revised with its PC-I costing Rs290.590 million.