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Noun1.erythroderma - any skin disorder involving abnormal redness
disease of the skin, skin disease, skin disorder - a disease affecting the skin
erythema - abnormal redness of the skin resulting from dilation of blood vessels (as in sunburn or inflammation)
flare - reddening of the skin spreading outward from a focus of infection or irritation
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While one of these loiterers showed the red skin and wild accouterments of a native of the woods, the other exhibited, through the mask of his rude and nearly savage equipments, the brighter, though sun-burned and long-faced complexion of one who might claim descent from a European parentage.
"There is reason in an Indian, though nature has made him with a red skin!" said the white man, shaking his head like one on whom such an appeal to his justice was not thrown away.
"That I will, and in English that the king needn't be ashamed to answer," returned the hunter, speaking in the language of which he boasted; "but I see nothing, nor do I hear the sounds of man or beast; 'tis strange that an Indian should understand white sounds better than a man who, his very enemies will own, has no cross in his blood, although he may have lived with the red skins long enough to be suspected!
The latter was squatted on his buffalo robe, his strong features and red skin glaring in the broad light of a blazing fire, while he recounted astounding tales of the bloody exploits of his tribe and himself in their wars with the Pawnees; for there are no old soldiers more given to long campaigning stories than Indian "braves."
The figs fall from the trees, they are good and sweet; and in falling the red skins of them break.
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Try these treatments to ease red skin and spots and give your skin a lift.
It is one of the tropical fruits under the cactus family, Cactaceae.The fruit types are categorised as Hylocereus undatus, which has white flesh with red skin, Hylocereus polyrhizus that has red flesh with red skin, Hylocereus costaricencis with violet red flesh and red skin and Selenicerus megalanthus that has white flesh with yellow skin.
She began developing rashes, which turned to patches of red skin on her arms after a year of working in night shift.
"Eczema is usually characterised by having dry skin for a period of time, alongside patches of irritated, itchy and red skin. The skin can sometimes peel back making you vulnerable to infection too," he adds.
Minister Ch.Ulaan in turn, said "It would be our pleasure to join forces in registering geographical indications for special products of Mongolia including sea buckthorn of Uvs aimag, airag or fermented mare milk of Bulgan aimag, red skin garlic of Zavkhan aimag and honey of Khalkhgol soum, and exporting them to international markets,"