Red viper

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(Zool.) the copperhead.

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Grafics Unlimited installed the very first vehicle wrap that Reno saw in the early 1990′s for Wild Waters on a 40′ bus to advertise the Red Viper ride.
Game of Thrones Season 4 - Main picture, Joffrey Baratheon (Jack Gleeson) and, above, Oberyn Martell - 'the Red Viper' (Pedro Pascal) with Ellaria Sand (Indira Varma) and, left, Daenerys (Emilia Clarke)
A wealth of new talent will also join the cast, including former Bretton Hall College student Mark Gatiss (Sherlock), Joel Fry (Trollied), Roger Ashton-Griffiths (Gangs of New York), Indira Varma (Luther) and Pedro Pascal (Homeland), who will play Prince Oberyn Martell aka The Red Viper.
Confusion over the results meant the former MotoGP rider came up on the timing screens as finishing fourth behind the Red Viper Suzuki of Aaron Zanotti, and it was Zanotti who took the third step on the podium and was presented with the trophy.
With the squiggly red Viper logo stamped on to the envelope, Unearthed Liverpool Cult Classics Volume 2 landed, kismet-like, on the doormat.
Sebastian's latest casting was announced during the recent San Diego Comic Con together with eight other characters including the infamous Sand Snakes, Red Viper's illegitimate daughters, and Hollywood actor Jonathan Pryce to play High Sparrow.
According to a report on ( Hollywood Life , the show creators are excited for the upcoming season since season 4 wrapped up on June 15, but fans have to wait an entire year before they can even glimpse the exotic landscape of Red Viper's birthing place.
The French Open is in full swing, the NBA Finals rematch is coming and the Red Viper's head became a bloody watermelon.
To avenge his sister's death and her children, the Red Viper has been planning for this fight since he came to Kings Landing, but the question now is will he have the chance to defeat a giant like The Mountain?
After a long break from Memorial Day weekend, "Game Of Thrones" fans are craving for their weekly GOT fix and the high-anticipated fight between the Red Viper and The Mountain is probably worth the wait.
GOT's season 4 also promises additional characters and one of which is the Red Viper or also known as Prince Oberyn Martell.